Sandra Sarra
2010 - Daisy Walks

Sandra Sarra - 2010 - Daisy Walks

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Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic
Label: White Noise

Debut album by Sandra Sarra which sounds sometimes like a "countrynized" version of a female Syd Barrett.
Especially on I Fell with it's stoic strummed guitarchords.
Leonard Cohen and Dolly Parton was mentioned in the labels infotext and this leads you in the right direction.
Except for Daisy Walk, the whole record is just guitar and her voice and that's in a good variety of styles and moods.
...ten songs quiet and understated enough to be folk but with enough honesty and heartbreak inside to draw tears toward beers at the planet’s last honky tonks.
This is really a enjoyable album and it needs more attention.
[mp3] Everything Changes

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By the way, the label offer a free mp3 compilation of bands and friends of White Noise Label, including 60 Watt Kids, The Blank Tapes and lot of artists I've never heard about. All Folk/Indie/Singer-Songwriters :)
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