The Venopian Solitude
2010 - Sangfroid

The Venopian Solitude - 2010 -  Sangfroid

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Genre: LoFi Singer-Songwriter
Label: selfrelease

A friend point me to her or them. It's a small collective from Malaysia, with some nice childlike anti-folk tunes.
Suiko Takahara - ukulele guitar (toy)keyboard recorder mandolin harmonica hands fingers fingernails lap snap clap drum knock kick.

Takahara Suiko - backingvocals hum lala theworstbeatbox bababa.

Suiko-Sama - lyricist manager producer instructor procrastinator angermanagementdirector critic loser.
There are lots of similar recordings outside, mostly it doesn't catch me, but this stays, so it must be good :).
Check out the awesomeness of this tiny song Mother Nature and Father Man-Made

download Sangfroid by The Venopian Solitude

More at their bandcamp, myspace, blogspot

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