Hungry Owl-Toothaches and Heartaches EP

Hungry Owl
Toothaches and Heartaches EP

Hungry Owl-Toothaches and Heartaches EP

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Genre: Lo-Fi, Folk, Country
Label: Rack and Ruin

This is just kind of an update from one of our favourite free netlabels Rack and Ruin Records. They always seem to have the right hands for new music, far away from mainstream or the hottest new shit considered by someone important...
Anyways…Here´s another EP by Hungry Owl, recorded at the same time as the last one, Travelling Man, and once again at her home in Maryland.

How do you get toothache and heartache? Right, from chocolate and broken hearts. And that´s what these six short, sweet country /folk-like songs are about. Kind of… ;)

The EP also includes two coverversions, one by American folk-singer Kath Bloom and the other one by Canadian folk duo Kate (the mother of Martha and Rufus Wainwright, she died in january 2010) and Anna McGarrigle.

Enjoy! :-)


1. Sugar Fix
2. Coffee & Pie (Put It In My Mouth)
3. The Sadistic Lover's Lament
4. Come Here (cover)
5. Leave Me Alone
6. Heart Like a Wheel (cover)

Try it - mice pays

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