Mixtape #5 - More Saturation

Mixtape #5
More Saturation

Mixtape #5 - More Saturation

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Genre: Lofi, Punk, Garage, Noise, so called Shitgaze

This is mostly noisy, distorted garage punk stuff. The sounds you can find everywhere, right now. Not every fart from every bedroom or garage smells like teen spirit (haha what a shitty joke), but it's almost interesting. I would recommend to try this because of the great Navigator opening track, the trashy Pumice track, the funny Black Sabbath Cover by Los Banditos, and the great guitar melodies of that Old Haunts track Volatile (my summerhit '08). Oh and a new Woods song taken from that Yeti 7 Compilation (Thanks to the No Name #2 Blog). And it's not only over saturated noise blizz ;-) - but mostly.

  1. Navigator - [Bad Children] Blood
  2. Eat Skull - [Sick to Death] Shredders on Fry
  3. Pumice - [Pebbles] Northland
  4. Angry Angles - [Apparent-Transparent 7"] The 15th (Wire Cover)
  5. Slothbear - [Slothbear EP] White Christmas
  6. Times New Viking - [Present The Paisley Reich #06] devo & wine
  7. Pictureplane - [Slit Red Bird Throat] Bringing The Dead Outside
  8. Meth Teeth - [Meth Teeth EP] Boring Artifacts
  9. Los Banditos - [Super Mono] Eisenmann (Black Sabbath Cover)
  10. Harlem - [Free Drugs] Psychedelic Tits
  11. Intelligence - [Fake Surfers] St. Bartholemew
  12. Navigator - [Bad Children] Ghost
  13. Tyvek - [Tyvek] Stand and Fight
  14. The Old Haunts - [Poisonous Times] Volatile
  15. Six Star General - [Cumberland EP] warm smile
  16. Woods - [Yeti 7] Get Back
  17. Navigator - [Songs For Mei and Satsuki] Untitled
  18. Parts And Labor - [Stay Afraid] Changing Of The Guard
  19. WYLD WYZRDZ - [Light Upon Light, Wave upon Wave] Entering Universe
  20. Spooks - [Death from Beyond the Grave] Evil Dead
Enjoy it!

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