imagho - 2003 - nocturnes

2003 - nocturnes

imagho - 2003 - nocturnes

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Genre: Laptop Folk

It's hard to describe - this is a kind of soundtrack music. Beautiful guitar playing, field recordings, electronic treatment. Bienvenue is a wonderful guitar miniature.
I would compare Imagho to Tortoise but as a one man acoustic project.
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"carried by polymorphous guitars and home made loops, Imagho’s music conveys an unrivalled emotion where warmth goes alongside with Arctic atmosphères (…) This release contains never ending beautyness that will lead your dreams into unknown areas ."
  1. mercure
  2. pour une fois
  3. passerelle I
  4. bienvenue
  5. clodomir
  6. one with charlie
  7. via ricanten
  8. passerelle II
  9. nocturne
  10. le bord
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