Prewar Yardsale  - Lowdown

Prewar Yardsale

Prewar Yardsale  - Lowdown

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Genre: Anti Folk
Label: Oliver Juice Music (US)
Similar Artists: Moldy Preaches

Anti-Folk by played by a couple from NYC. Just Guitar and a Bucket as drums. Starting with the 14 minutes "Elevated Platform Stand" mantra.

Go here and grab the nice "Would Ed Wood?" Song posted along with a Compilation about Ed Wood (WFMU Blog)

  1. Elevated Platform Stand
  2. United Airline
  3. Weird
  4. Bicycle Free N.Y.C.
  5. Disney In Times Square
  6. Bridge && tunnel
  7. Prewar Yardsale
  8. AU Base
  9. Lowdown Girl
  10. Consolidated Sanitation Power

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