Magnus Dewi
Three ghosts

Magnus Dewi - Three ghosts

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​ Short three track ep by french guitarist Magnus Dewi with tracks that were gathering dust.

Dewi's last year debut Earth Plates made a big impression on me and I was excited to see something new popping up on his bandcamp.

The opener starts like a Wilburn Burchette piece. It's maybe the sound of the electric guitar but it turns out to be a more vital and playful track than Burchettes Opium Twang.

The colour of spring improvisation rolls through the scene like a fresh breeze.

And Camic is a enjoyable ride through an imaginative landscape, including light percussion and a wind section. Pretty similar to Nathan Golub, Cian Nugent & The Cosmos and the like.

Lovely guitar work, keep an eye on Magnus Dewi!

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