Alex Archibald -  Accidental Waltzes

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Alex Archibald: Guitar, Banjo, Cigar Box Slider
Recorded and mixed and album cover by Alex Archibald

Here are five pieces in 3/4 time that I didn't realize were in said time signature until I'd cobbled them all together...
Shows what I know.

This one is dedicated to Chris of the Roundhouse, Rio Dulce, Guatemala who really seemed to get it and love that old american primitive style, Fahey etc. from the get go, and to anyone else who deeply loves music and takes an interest. Peace to you.

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Alex Archibald
Accidental Waltzes

Alex Archibald -  Accidental Waltzes

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Short solo guitar miniatures by Alex Archibald from Vancouver, BC. 

A short detour into experimental areas with Drunken Transition and into banjo land with Make Horse. The obligatory and very nice slide/lap steel piece comes in earthy lofi fashion (boombox recording?) and the other three tracks are really pretty solo guitar pieces. I like the birds in the background. I had to turn down the volume several times to check if those birds are outside my windows or in the recording. One of the things I love when I listen to music.

A runtime of 15 minutes sounds short, but this way it doesn't make you skip a track. Good work.

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