Sean Proper ~ We are Wounds

Produced by Kevin Mccombs
Artwork by Madhuri Shukla

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Sean Proper ~ We are Wounds

Sean Proper ~ We are Wounds

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Sunshine State Florida is probably one of the least places that comes to mind when you spin some Basho or Fahey records. Proper proved that when he stated in an interview I did with him a year ago:

I felt very disconnected from the music though due to the sort of 'natural world' aesthetic that gets attached to it. Songs named after mountains or trees, lakes, forests etc... and I noticed that many of these artists came from regions of America that felt incredibly foreign to me. Growing up in South Florida my 'natural environment' was suburbia (i.e. palm trees, beige buildings, neighborhoods full of identical homes, condominiums, beaches, and tourism). – Sean Proper (source)

After his album Design Engine here on Dying For Bad Music it got a bit quiet around him (beside some noise experiments that showed up for a short time). But now he is back with a great solo guitar EP called We are Wounds.

Again no references to geographical places, but quiet a bit more Americana than Design Engine before. Maybe it's his approach using a slide (on Pepper and Pearl and We are Wounds). On the other side, solo guitar is not necessarily connected to Rural American Folk and Blues music. The label Vine Du Select Quality shows this pretty well with works of Matthew Mullane, Marc McGuire, Chris Brokaw who have their roots more into experimental music than Country and Blues.

So I can totally see Proper's work in line of mentioned artists.

We are Wounds is again a really intense and dark journey that changes from slower slide guitar tunes to his dense strumming, which is kind of his signature.

If you need references to something natural and typical american, imagine palm trees that bend down to the ground, gushing rain and a hurricane that chases you through a holiday resort that's just illuminated by lighting and electrical shorts of ripping powerlines.

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