Forklong Daruplat ~ s/t

Forklong Daruplat ~ s/t

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Forklong Daruplat emerges from a very active psych scene in Belgium. American Primitive or solo acoustic guitar music from there got some attention in the past - I think of the split 7" by Silvester Anfang and Jack Rose, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch aka Urpf Lanze with his crude, guttural psych blues or Ignatz who gained some international success.

The guitar pieces of Forklong Daruplat cycle between lengthy improvisations and shorter pieces. They are raw around the edges and I would say there is much less influences from american folk (in terms of blues, hill music etc) and more classical, european music traditions and eastern elements.

For friends of Basho (the Robbie and Steffen) or Cam Deas this is worth checking out. If you are generally into fingerstyle guitar and experimental music, Forklong Daruplat's I am pretty sure music will please you.

Check out the other stuff from the Hare Akedod label. You'll find cosmic synths as well as psychedelic, experimental folk and collages.

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