Daniel Michael Clark
Black Billowing Clouds

Daniel Michael Clark - Black Billowing Clouds

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Daniel Michael Clark presents a new chapter of his haunting and spooky bedroom folk.

He's constantly oscillating between crude lofi tape experiments and quite sweet ghostly folk songs. As his visual work, his music is influenced by dark places, the shadows, the forgotten and forlorn.

Basically I get the pictures of finding a crumbled cabin in the woods, digging through the trash and find rusty kitchen items and a nearly decomposed photoalbum and cloths and a weird story unfolds. Then it gets dark and some ghost chases me and I am falling into a bear trap... dead.

No, that's too blatant. But this is definitely something that comes to mind.

Since D.M. Clark is working a lot with different printing techniques, this limited tape comes with hand-waxed, dyed and de-bossed inserts and download code.
​It's a piece of art.

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Black Billowing Clouds

Black Billowing Clouds

Black Billowing Clouds

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