Vultures - Have a Smoke EP

Songs one through five written and performed by Vultures at Basement Studio in Baraboo WI in the summer of 2005.
Song six written by Lee Hazlewood.

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Have a Smoke EP

Vultures - Have a Smoke EP

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I stumbled upon them on a search for my These Boots Are Made For Walkin' cover versions project. It turned out that the whole EP is a nice rumbling piece of Lofi-Gothic-Country & Blues. On their bandcamp page you'll find a lot more recordings. Seems that they are on hiatus since end of 2011. At least that the status of their bandcamp and facebook.

Music for spending cold spring nights on the back porch.

And by the way, the cover version of Lee Hazlewood's and Nancy Sinatra's classic is an infernal and epic basement wall of sound! If you are interested in awesome and mediocre and bad coverversions of this influential song, check out my new project There are plenty of songs to come!


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