Braden J McKenna - Surfs Down Smiles Up

Braden J McKenna
Surfs Down Smiles Up

Braden J McKenna - Surfs Down Smiles Up

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Before 2010 Braden J McKenna wrote like each day a new song. Lofi Bedroom Folk and Garage Pop like stuff under different monikers. The most prolific was maybe Navigator. Then something changed him and together with his friends he founded the Inner Islands label which spread the message of love and peace via New New Age sounding ambient music. So the label output as well as Braden's music was a never ending stream of water sounds, wind chimes, forest sounds, tabla-, guitar- and synth loops. Great relaxing music and always quirky enough to not sound like a relaxation soundrack from the pharmacy store.

Anyway - I thought it was a bit sad that Braden gave up his great songwriting ability, but I was sure he never give it up completely and so he is back with the tape - Surfs Down Smiles Up. And what he brought back from the trip to the Inner Islands is the relaxing sound ecosystem married with his sense for nice melodies and songs.

The tape will be out on March, 18th and you can pre-order it directly on the Moondial Records website. To support Braden, buy the mp3 over his bandcamp.

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