Mothership K'Shasha - Everything Went White

all instruments, vocals : nkls brd
additional vocals: db brd

recorded in marshalltown, iowa 2012

released on TLOGOTOWA Records

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Mothership K'Shasha
Everything Went White

Mothership K'Shasha - Everything Went White

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Mothership K'shasha is Nikolas Beard from Iowa's Psych Pop Outfit Land of Blood and Sunshine and Sudden and Subtle. I am a sucker for both bands and so I was surprised when this tape popped up.

From the first tone, it was clear, this is LOBAS psych and S&S pop mixed with more folk and magic mushrooms. Every Instrument was played by Nkls Brd himself and he got some additional vocals by - I guess - former the Old Scratch Revival Singers members.

The tracks are ranging from tenacious psych folk (Tea Leaf Reader) to uplifting 3 chord folk (Ancients). Always with Beard's harmonious singing melodies and guitar lines.

With the use of banjo, a track like Galantly reminds me a bit on the last two records of Dreamend and I found some similarities with Die Welttraumforscher from Switzerland, but that's too obscure now.

So this tape (get it from bandcamp) is a must-listen if you like the music from the related projects, and if you don't know them, explore Marshaltown's children of the ergot...


I can not define
what's in, behind the door
upstairs in my mind
something that I had ignore
now I must explore

pictures from the library of garages or the other way around

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