Fishboy - Classic Creeps

Eric Edward Fishboy: songwriting, singing, guitars, percussion, artwork
Adam Avramescu: piano, organ, trumpet, french horn, percussion, group vocals
Tommy Garcia: drums, percussion, whistle, group vocals
Ryan Williams, electric and upright bass

guest starring:
Petra Kelly: violins on tracks 2 and 5
Mason Ponder: tuba on track 7

Recorded/Produced/Mixed by:
Matt Pence at the Echolab in Argyle, TX in July 2010

Mastered by:
Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering in Omaha, NE

Read the entire story of the album in comic form at

The group's forthcoming album, Classic Creeps is the first in an ongoing series of Fishboy records featuring characters whose lives interconnect to form a bigger story. Eric Michener (singer, songwriter) took inspiration for the album from the profile songs of the early British Invasion (The Kinks, The Who, The Zombies, etc.) after years of making personal mixes of his favorite "songs about fake people." Pushing forward from the concept introduced in 2007's Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll, the songs in Classic Creeps each profile a specific character while also introducing a connection to the subject/character of the next song. Michener also placed the characters' songs in alphabetical order, despite the fact that each character's name begins with the letter A. Although the album features Fishboy's characteristic upbeat sound, the songs reveal the flaws and insecurities of each character while unraveling hidden connections and pieces of the larger plot. Classic Creeps is set to be released spring 2011 on HHBTM Records out of Athens, Georgia.

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Classic Creeps

Fishboy - Classic Creeps

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This album was released a year ago, but it's never too late to post such a gem. Fishboy are from Denton, TX and are really fun - like reading a comic. And this is no surprice, because Fishboy's Classic Creeps exist as comic.

The album tells stories about characters like in a comic and it all sound quirky and colourful like a comic - somewhere between Neutral Milk Hotel and Danielson.

The first two songs are awesome... This story, in Adrian Simmons, about the accidental killed baby-bear and time travel to undo the mishap and to prove the fathers wisdoms wrong, is just sweet.

This is not free to download, but listen to it and decide...

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