Upperfields - O Clouds Unfold

Mixed and Produced by Chris Freeland
Additional excellent help and contribution from Caleb Moore

Written in the strange winter made hopeful by beautiful births with an eye to the best future I could imagine and resigned to the uncertain but perennial grace which we all hold so so dear in baltimore 2010.

Nice things people have said about it:

"One thing did stand out, and that was Shaun David Gould. His album For those you love is a pretty stunning folk album…and its free. Sometimes the folk genre gets pretty bland after hearing the same thing over and over. Gould manages to shine above."
-Suggested Listening for the blog Pasta Primavera

"For the past few years when I've gone back and collected my favorite Baltimore albums, organizing them into a list, it's been inevitable that I come across a handful of releases that I overlooked. This year's big miss - Shaun David Gould's For Those You Love...Gould's voice is incredibly gentle, with careful and absurdly rich tones scattered throughout. The production on all of these tracks is also worth noting, as it comes across incredibly lush yet still harbors a very personal ethos. This record is perfect for the days when the cold wind is as brutal as can be, providing campfire warmth within your home."
-Review from Bmore Music Blog

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O Clouds Unfold

Upperfields - O Clouds Unfold

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Upperfields is Shaun David Gould from Baltimore and he plays folk music. And I found myself playing this album again and again so there must be some hidden magic inside. And it's not the fact that some Fleet Foxes shine through. No, it reminds me more on the wonderful bedroom folk of German Error Message or Mt. Moon.

When You Came is something like the centerpiece. Sounds like an elegy. Sparse guitar, piano, a beat and reverb drenched voice... Truly beautiful!

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