Birdengine - No Arms and No Friends, 7"

Out now, the new 7" from Birdengine. The first official release since 'i fed thee rabbit water' a few years ago. Beautifully recorded on tape at 'the well' in Brighton. Look out for the forthcoming album too.

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No Arms and No Friends, 7"

Birdengine - No Arms and No Friends, 7"

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Genre: Surreal, Dark Folk
Label: Lynched Recordings

In December last year, we posted the Crooked Mile album by Birdengine. We were highly enthusiastic about it. A short timelater, it was removed and more than nine month later it will be finally released. Just why takes this so long? I suppose it has to do with finding a label, signing contracts, uploading music to shitty iTunes.
(I liked the first cover artwork more...)

Anyway - here you have the chance to listen and download and order two tracks from the forthcoming album. And No Arms and No Friends is really worth to put it on extra 7" wax.
Check it out and there is much more to come!



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