Yussuf Jerusalem - Blast from the Past

Yussuf Jerusalem
Blast from the Past

Yussuf Jerusalem - Blast from the Past

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Black Metal, Spaghetti Western Twang Folk, Garage Pop
Floridas Dying

This french dudes project is the polarity in person. This starts with the bandname and does not end with his music. Ok, it was not really surprising when his second album Blast from the Past, starts with a symphonic organ piece and goes on with a mangy black metal piece as opener. This is what he did on his debut A Heart Full of Sorrow too. But through the record, it seems that Øystein Aarseth (aka Euronymous of Mayhem) came back with Lee Hazlewood on his rotten hand and perform these twanggy tunes full of western themes, garage pop and psych folk. This record is mixed like a lofi black metal record, with gained mids, sounds like Ennio Morricone in a garage and seems to be arranged by Lee Hazlewood, the Cowboy in Sweden.
Compared to Yussuf Jerusalems first record, this has a more matured sound with some heartbreaking love songs, heroic metal parts (without bneing metal) and great garage pop/western stuff. There maybe much more references like The House of Rising Sun etc, but find out yourself.

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[mp3] - Yussuf Jerusalem - Through Winter's Darkest Day [mp3] - Yussuf Jerusalem - You Broke My Heart In Two
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