Sean Nicholas Savage and Kool Music - Won Ton Jaz

Written, Produced and Performed By Sean Nicholas Savage

Following the damaged R&B of this year’s Trippple Midnight, Sean Nicholas Savage has wasted no time moving into new territory with his side of Bon Ton Jas. Savage deftly manoeuvres several musical landscapes: blue-eyed reggae (“True Love”), spacey ‘70s psych (“UFO”), anthemic ‘80s AOR (“Wasted Dream”, “Peace Man”) and even Caribbean-tinged synth pop (“Whisperin”, “Sony My Only”). All under gauzy production that complements his trademark high vocal register, Won Ton Jaz stands as a logical progression in the ever-developing oeuvre of Sean Nicholas Savage.

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Sean Nicholas Savage and Kool Music
Won Ton Jaz

Sean Nicholas Savage and Kool Music - Won Ton Jaz

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Genre: lofi disco, funk, chill
Label: Arbutus Records

Sean Nicholas Savage brought us the gorgeous Movin Up in Society tape last year, just to release two more albums in a short time. And from his lofi indie pop he shifts to some kind of lofi disco funk. Not 100% my cup of LSTea, but fun to listen nonetheless.
With that Won Ton Jaz tape he surprises again.
He teamed up with Jasper Baydala aka Kool Music and they did this split.
On first view it looks like an eighties punk cassette, but Kool Music sends you some waves which sounds like the looped transmission of AM radio stations jingles from the eighties.
On the other side Sean Nicholas Savage expanded his Discoploration Sound to a kind of weirdo reggae-space-pop.
The whole tape sounds like a cassette that was overdubbed 1000 times with stuff from the radio. David Bowie, Boy George, The Police, of Montreal, Ariel Pink, UB40.

Pretty cool music and weird at the same time. Where of Montreal overdo their effort to make sexually loaded funk pop, Savage just keep it simple and effective.

You can download this tape on free/donation base directly here on Arbutus Records Label site

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