Daniel Michael Clark
Neighbourhood Spook

Daniel Michael Clark - Neighbourhood Spook

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Genre: obscure and haunting lofi folk
Label: self-released cassette

This is a great obscure release from the secret circle of Birdengine. If you know Birdengine you may came across an artist named Clara Kindle. Birdengine and Clara collaborated for some live sessions and extend each others crude and dark folk.
Daniel Michael Clark was Clara Kindle till he dropped the moniker. He still make some great surreal art and music.
Neighbourhood Spook is what the title promise. A spooky, lofi artifact. Blurred shapes of pop music and ghostly noises on tape.
You should spend more than a moment, to browse through his fine art and listen to his haunting music.
On his bandcamp you will find a collab with Birdengine and another will come later this year.


Btw. Birdengines The Crooked Mile will be released very soon via Bleeding Heart Recordings

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