Hala Strana - 2011 - Compendium

Steven R. Smith (tracks 1-14)
Loren Chasse (tracks 1, 4, 5)
Glenn Donaldson (track 5)
Darren Ankenman (tracks 11, 12)

Collection of rare, unreleased, 7", e.p., and compilation tracks.

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Hala Strana
2011 - Compendium

Hala Strana - 2011 - Compendium

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Genre: Psych Folk
Label: self

There is not much more to say about Steven R. Smith, one of the key figures behind the Jewelled Antler Collective (together with Skygreen Glenn Donaldson - Thuja, Birdtree, Blithe Sons etc.). I am really into his current download only compilation Compentium, which contains a collection of outtakes and bonus tracks.
Really beautiful Eastern Europe influenced psych folk.



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