2011 - Tiny Bones and Wires

Vacation - 2011 - Tiny Bones and Wires

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Genre: weird folk, experimental pop
Label: Universal Electricity

Quite unknown collective. Maybe related to Fossil Cities even if I don't know them too. Anyway a bit research brings up the fact, that the coverartwork is made by Kaitlin Van Pelt and she is in the great psych pop band Breakfast in Fur which we reviewed here too. So connection is made.
The music of Vacation is some weirdo psych folk pop. Simple strummed chords on wooden guitar, the singers words comes out easy and behind him is always a layer of flickering sounds and sometimes a drumbox.
Try Sister Mary Speaks in Tougues or Charlie don't Surf or Tiny Bones.
If you visit the Website, pick Fossil Cities downloads which are nice too.

Download Tiny Bones and Wires for free at bandcamp or mediafire


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