Chris Rehm - 2010 - Salivary Stones

Drone pop album originally released on cassette with "...And I'm Living Off of Grass" on side b.

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Chris Rehm
2010 - Salivary Stones

Chris Rehm - 2010 - Salivary Stones

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Genre: lofi-experimental-folk-noise
Label: self

Recently found this on the Top 2010 list of Forest Gospel Blog. Chris Rehm released a lot of recordings on his bandcamp and it takes a while to get through. So we stick on the latest one.
Salvary Stones is a beast of distorted soundscapes. Reverbed harmonies crushed with some heavy fuzz. I am always fond of such sweet distorted stuff.
Don't Leave Me Blue is one of the highlights. A steady loop running in the background and through this wallpaper of sound a sweet melody burns through, like bundled sunstreams.
With Soggy, the album ends with a real song, starting from ambient soundscapes, turning to a nice folky song and ends as a droning burst of distorted percussions.

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