Mr. & Mrs. Smith
2010 - XMas Spirit

Mr. & Mrs. Smith - 2010 - XMas Spirit

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Genre: Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Blues, Xmas
Label: self

This is the time for alternative christmas music. Moon Duo did it, Parenthetical Girls put out a Christmas album and I am sure there are a lot more. At example Hollis Smith compiled an album with xmas songs, sung by herself and friends and relatives. Ironic miniatures of christmas classics and own adoptions. So if you liked her release on Dying For Bad Music Label you should load this for the third advent tomorrow and listen to it alone or with your family.

Download XMas Spirit for free on Bandcamp

And another special track from her. A cover from Blues musican Son House - People grinin' in your face. I heard this track first in a WULYF song backend by a great droning organ tone.

WU LYF - "SPITTING IT CONCRETE LIKE THE GOLDEN SUN GOD" (Link lent from Said The Grammophone)

Here is the original song with a introducion of Son House

And here is Hollis Smith coverversion. Enjoy!

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Free download Grinnin' In Your Face by Mr. & Mrs. Smith


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