Lougow - 2010 - Dull Thicket

2010 - Dull Thicket

Lougow - 2010 - Dull Thicket

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Genre: awesome stomping psych punk/folk
Label: ozark level full view

LOUGOW is the new solo psych punk shred station of Jason Wayne Arsaga formally of Mt. Gigantic.
Never heard about that? Me too, but this is pretty good lofi psych punk rampage. It's like Land of Blood and Sunshine meet The Danielson Family and they do a wild jam together.
Really recommended stuff.
Comes out as vinyl in January 2011 so keep an eye on. In the meantime grab the free mp3s from the source you prefer.

Love: Time Is Too Old and Are Your Eyes Already Ready

Download free at Free Music Archive or checkBandcamp to order the vinyl

MySpace - Free Music Archive Page


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