Interlard - 2010 - Tyrol

There’s crazy, and then there’s insane. It’s hard to say what Interlard are, but they sound like they’re having fun doing “it”. Imagine a band like White Mice becoming looser and more informal. This is what Tyrol sounds like, an album os solid noise with occasional rhythms but a lot of noise at ultra-high volumes, pushed well within the red. What you may be hearing are screams, what you may be hearing are bass guitars pounded to sound like drums, waht you may be hearing are sirens, but you may be hearing is death. I do not think death is this good, this is just life in another town, North or otherwise.

Take a look at the cover. Now slice up your abdomen and throw your innards at children. That’s Interlard.

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2010 - Tyrol

Interlard - 2010 - Tyrol

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Genre: heavy distorted sludge doom industrial noise
Label: self

Yeah, nice thing to start the day. I mostly like the conception of the nostalgic album cover and the sounds that comes over you like an avalanche of snow.
It reminds me a bit on my early days in discovering industrial tape scene. Heavy distorted guitar, screams in the background, someone torture an oil barrel.
It all sounds like death and torture, but there is a lot of humor in titles and as I said before in the misleading cover. If you are planning a trip to Tyrol for some skiing and snowboarding, this might be a nice soundtrack on your car stereo.

This illustrates their sound very well. Snowslide and Railroad.

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