The Great Valley - 2010  - In the Silver Dream

Some suspect that The Great Valley's big Hollywood debut THE SILVER DREAM never really was shown in theaters at all, but this seems unlikely, considering how we all remember it vaguely, like something we saw once long ago or in a former life. Certainly it had something to do with a silver waterfall, surrounded by sleepy fog or a deceitful mist...? And some people might remember a hazy romance between a man and a ghost...? Or that cowboy's encounter with the fantastic cactus, or perhaps...a UFO spinning like a china plate on an invisible finger? Oh, you know! no one can really be so sure anymore. We were young then, and the world had a tricky way of going up in smoke any time you came too close. ... Nevertheless, THE SILVER DREAM holds a permanent place on many critics' top ten lists and is sure to be remembered, like a lost memory or a childhood nightmare, for generations to come.

Recorded by The Great Valley at Spooky Town, June 2010.


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The Great Valley
2010 - In the Silver Dream

The Great Valley - 2010  - In the Silver Dream

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Genre: spooky beach pop
Label: The Spooky Town

Great new record by The Great Valley, a band we had reviewed before. Again some sort of spooky, spacy, lo-fi pop tunes which makes you feel like wearing a halloween ghost costume all the time.
Full of reverbed vocals, wobbling synths and great melodies.
"Spooky Town's pretend pop duo The Great Valley are back with their first full-length since 2008. In the Silver Dream has the same dedication to spookiness and twisted pop grooves, but spins it more towards the carnival than the haunted barn. Wow! These songs tilt and spin like a too-scary trapeze clown and hypnotize you unreal like a night at the circus. Recorded by the band on 80s equipment in an abandoned house. Synthesizers and pitch-bent guitars. Mysterious, puzzling lyrics about the silver screen, UFO abductions, and some mystic misty waterfall. Dense, layered pop confusion on brains-pink vinyl. Edition of 250, $13 + shipping."
Btw. correct me if I am wrong, but there is another band called "The Great Valley" and they did stuff like AOL Sessions and Katy Perry coversongs and you should not mix them up with the spooky town band.

Download In the Silver Dream at Bandcamp

Buy the record on the Spooky Town website along with some other good stuff.



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