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We running this blog since two years now. It's a nice grown catalogue of handselected, great free music provided by artists. This blogspot blog grows as well and it's now horrible slow. Mostly because of all the embedded flashplayers from bandcamp, soundcloud and the fakebook stuff etc. But I think the embedded players are important to give you a quick impression of the music to help you decide.
So, out of my personal interest I started an aggregated version of this blog, with the same features, but focused on the artist with some related information, like artist bio, events, similar artists from last.fm, genre/artist related mixtapes from 8tracks and additional blogposts via google blogsearch api, echonest and hypemaschine.

Sometimes the additional informations are not so useful, sometimes they will help you to find out more about the artist we present and help to discover new music. It's an experiment and if you like, check it out here
Dying For Bad Music - Meta Blog

This is, as any web 2.0 site, in beta state and if you find bugs, drop a comment.
If you have an idea how to make it better or useable or any other suggestion, post a coment too.
Posting and comments is still made over the blogger platform, the meta-blog just pulling the content from blogspot, so there are two versions floating around in the net and both are linked forth and back to not lose track.

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