Mogwai - 2010 - Rano Pano (Single)

2010 - Rano Pano (Single)

Mogwai - 2010 - Rano Pano (Single)

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Genre: Post-Rock
Label: still Matador, but new album will be at Sub Pop for North America

How generous from (old-school)post-rockers Mogwai to give away for free the new epic single "Rano Pano" from forthcoming album with the great title "Hardcore will never die, but you will" (release date february 15 2011).
Like I said, it´s epic. and massive. The famous wall of sound is a huge wall of guitarsounds with some strange electrosounds in the background. I swear, it will blow your mind. (at least it has mine...)

You can get it here for free in exchange for you mail-adress (because you know, nothing is for free except the death, like an old ridiculous proverb says) and for those of you who don´t want to give away their private, I don´t have a mediafire upload, but hopefully you know where to find one.
(This is the acutal album artwork, because there is none for the single)


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