Coldair - 2010 - Persephone

2010 - Persephone

Coldair - 2010 - Persephone

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Genre: Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter
Label: Gingerbread Records
If you like early Akron/Famil, The Microphones

While listen to this I thought about to label this as the Phil Elvrum from Poland, but maybe I am wrong.
Did you remember the interview I did with Tobias from Kyst? He mentioned starting a soloproject and here it is. Coldair with Persephone - If you like Kyst you will love this too.
It's absolutly exciting to listen. Very harmonic, with a great sense for silence and unusual sounds.
I revise my statement with the polish Phil E. It was just an idea, because of the song Ghost. I think it will remember you more on the brilliant early Akron/Family recordings. That's all in the same vein and furthermore.

Edit: I have to revise my revise and came to the conclusion, even if compare artists with each other is lame, Tobias merge carefully the deepness of The Microphones and the playfulness and airy/shiny sound of early Akron/Fam and dowse it with his own heartblood.

You can get this beautiful album for 1 EUR minimum at bandcamp (always and anywhere bandcamp, eh?) and this price welcomes you to give some more, doesn't it?

Download Persephone at bandcamp



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