[free] Sunslide - Mechanisme

[free] Sunslide

[free] Sunslide - Mechanisme

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Genre: Ambient, Field Recordings
Label: Dying For Bad Music

10+ pieces of mostly accordeon ragas and tunes in natural field atmosphere with lot of birdscalls. Enlighted with some sparse guitartunes, piano, subtle electronica and tapehiss. Tunes waving in the wind like ears in a cornfield. Fades in and out and lets you drift away.Read more about it here.

Again you have the chance to download this DFBM release for free.
Go to this webpage http://sunslide.bandcamp.com/yum and enter one of the following downloadcodes.


First come, first serve! The last code is a joker. Something like the wheel of fortune
"Give me a 'z'" - just replace the * with a character between a-z (lowercase).

For the one who came too late, don't worry, you can still buy the cd or digital release

Good luck - till later!

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