The Great Valley - 2010  - Holiday, Holinight

Holiday in the Great Valley sun is shining through a cloud, our heroes walk singlefile up the beachside. A holy voice from beyond the waves teaches us a special walk, "lucky me," we stepped in quicksand!

The sun hatches the moon, Holinight, under the waves our heroes follow a dusky lantern to a seashell palace. We dig and we dig until we reach the real beach. At the bottom of a wishwell we return born again to infancy.

Recorded by The Great Valley at Spooky Town, summer 2009.

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The Great Valley
2010 - Holiday, Holinight

The Great Valley - 2010  - Holiday, Holinight

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Genre: spooky beach pop
Label: spooky town records

It's raining cats and dogs right now, I am far away from beaches and sand and I hate the whole beach/surf garage sounds right now. Because I am not on beaches in California not even on the Baltic Sea.
By the way - The Great Valley's record reflect this feeling very good. It's more like sitting in a cellar with just a dripping water pipe. No feelings of sun and beaches, just a weird nightmare about that.
Well done! Spooooooky!
Tip: Lucky Me!

Holiday, Holinight by The Great Valley - download free at bandcamp


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