2muchachos - 2010 - prespring ep

2010 - prespring ep

2muchachos - 2010 - prespring ep

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Genre: folktronica, electronica, folk
Label: selfrelease / Parallax

This is so loveley, so warm like the first sunbeams before spring is coming.
It's intimate and organic like a walk through the fields and coming home. Fat synthesizer are the sunbeams, clicks and crackles like walking over forest soil. The clear air are the voices that waver through the tracks. Just to complete the picture.
They release a full lenght on Parallax soon.
They give this EP away for free, or if you like, order it on a 3" mini cdr in handmade cover.
Thank you guys from Russia!
Snowdrops = ♥

Download the Prespring EP - MySpace - Blog


2muchachos - northern sea ghosts from 2muchachos on Vimeo.

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