Jordaan Mason - 2007 Mantra Songs; 2005 - Make Blankets Your Yard; Children Eating Birds

jordaan mason: voice/illiteracy, guitar, piano, glockenspiel, percussion
eric padget: trumpet (1, 10)
shelby sifers: voice (12)
lowell sostomi: banjo (1, 10), harmonica (1), drum (2), chimes (10)
mat vuksinich: voice (12)

all tracks written by j. mason except "remember: only you" written by k. born (words) and j. mason (music)

cover photo taken in keelung taiwan 1959 by an unknown photographer

the mantra songs were written between one autumn and another (2005-2006) and they were recorded by lowell sostomi, mat vuksinich, and myself been april 2006 - may 2007 in various bedrooms, basements, and sun-rooms in southern ontario and northern california. i was travelling a lot during the year that these songs were written / recorded and found myself very estranged from the idea of having a "home." being confronted with performing on a regular basis for the first time, i found myself wanting to return to a simpler kind of language, to express myself more directly, to be open about feeling incredibly inarticulate and unstable. i was on and off medication a lot, in and out of hospitals; there was a lot of loss, a lot of change, and a lot of beds shared. these songs kept me safe when nothing else felt safe - i made my home in them for then, for now.

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Jordaan Mason
2007 Mantra Songs; 2005 - Make Blankets Your Yard; Children Eating Birds

Jordaan Mason - 2007 Mantra Songs; 2005 - Make Blankets Your Yard; Children Eating Birds

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Genre: Free Folk
Label: Oh! Map Records, CLLCT

I've found some "lost" albums of Jordaan Mason today, while browsing through CLLCT. And because his last album Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head is one of my favorite here is some older stuff:

Jordaan Mason - 2007 - Mantra Songs

His best record (that I know so far), after Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head. It's similar, less opulent. mostly plain acoustic songs, but Stranger, Remembers Only You and Liturgy are really stunning songs.

Quick Download - Listen first on Cllct page

Jordaan Mason - 2005 - make blankets your yard

Similar to Mantra Songs, acoustic guitar folk with Jordaans expressiv voice, sometimes with guest singers and additional instruments like piano.

Check out the first song Snow and the whole record

Quick Download - Listen first on cllct page

Children Eating Birds - 2005 - Children Eating Birds

An experimental project between lowell sostomi, who plays all of the instruments (piano, melodica, guitar, etc.), and jordaan mason, who does most of the singing, as well as andrus merret, who does some drones. the songs are very loosely structured and feature some very strange, seemingly nonsensical lyrics, as well as strange field recordings.

It's worth to listen! Check Leave The Lights On and all the other

Quick Download - Listen at cllct

EDIT: just add bc players.

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