Grains - 2009 - Some Tracks...

2009 - Some Tracks...

Grains - 2009 - Some Tracks...

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Genre: Electronique pop muzak

Vasilis is the man behind Grains and he's making some really good music.
It's a bit different from that stuff I know in that sample based - so called chill wave (you know, Neon Indians, Washed out) area. Mostly it's not my cup of tea, but this is good. It has some strange layered vocals/chants in Milky Green, that "tropical" (hate that tag :P) vibe in Over the Sea and lot of nice sampling work. Not too noisy, not too cheesy. You should really check it!

  1. Milky Green
  2. Over The Sea
  3. Sunshine
  4. Tyrotape In Three Halves
Keep up the good work!

Get it - MicePays

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