Köhn - (Köhn)²


Köhn - (Köhn)²

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This CD starts with an obscure and melancholic sounding tune/loop of a South german Brass band and turns fastly in a digital noisy drone. The next track is a clicking scribble of a pop song and so it goes on with digital mush, glitches, melodies, skipping CD sounds, loops, dance beats, acoustic guitars and so on. All recorded on a MiniDisc 4 Track Recorder - Sounds like Laptopmusic, but it's not at these times. The record ends with a catchy deconstructed pop tune. And I thought I would never see the Sun again, oh no...

Label: (K-RAA-K)³
Genre: Electronic, Noise, Abstract Pop

  1. Willen = Köhnen
  2. Söng
  3. Dröhn
  4. Köh-köh-köh-kök
  5. Zwöhn
  6. Kukeleköhn
  7. *
  8. öhnöch
  9. De Köhning
  10. The Wrath Of Köhn
  11. Kröhn
  12. Sönn

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