Ribbon Effect - 2000 - Slip

Ribbon Effect
2000 - Slip

Ribbon Effect - 2000 - Slip

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Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Post-Rock
Label: Roomtone Records

A wonderful record for sunday mornings. Some noisy soundscapes, lovely tunes, improvisations, organs, delayed guitars, happy drumboxing - all the stuff to make you feel good. Best soundtrack to start your day.

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Slippery ambient soundscapes, gurgles, and and rhythmic guitar vibrations abound.
Ribbon Effect was formed in 1998 by Bill Talsma, Jacob Ross, and Danielle Malkoff, who met while working at Chicago's Experimental Sound Studio. The band produced their first self-titled recording combining the practice of studio manipulation with live performance in June, 1998. 1999 saw this four song EP followed by Danielle contributing the vocals to "Seafrance Cezanne" on Tarwater's Silur album, and the recording of more Ribbon Effect material. Later the same year, the band collaborated with visual artist Joel Ross on Slip, a multimedia show held in Chicago. Slip's presentation combined the trio's live performance with six video monitors projecting moving images that centered on an unidentified urban landscape.
This year, the instrumental tracks originally composed for the series of live performances were enhanced and recorded in the studio for SLIP, Ribbon Effect's debut full-length CD. The band's music is haunting and cinematic, alternately evoking stasis and motion. An interplay of chiming guitars, dub-inflected bass, lingering keyboard melodies and electronics gives way to desolate tones and barren soundscapes, which in turn evolve into pronounced rhythmic patterns. At times, SLIP recalls the exploratory studio excursions of Fridge, Pluramon, Pan American, Augustus Pablo, This Heat, and Rome. At times it does not. Enjoy!

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