The 63 Crayons - Spoils For Survivors

The 63 Crayons
Spoils For Survivors

The 63 Crayons - Spoils For Survivors

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In former days The 63 Crayons playing some kind of sixties influenced Indie-Pop, always with some spacey synth swirls. With their last album they add a The in front of their name and go into a more darker, danceable, more psychoactive direction. Revolution Fight Song, reminds in the drumming style on of Montreal (and The 63 Crayons are from Athens, Georgia too ;-), Devils is a dark floating number. Save us kicks you completly out of this world. This is a perfect space trip and the bouncing beat in style of The Can Drummer Jaki Liebezeit show their roots in some ways. (There is a bit longer version named Heal us on a compilation called „Death Before Distemper 2). This is a really great record! Dancing don't Trust!

Label: Self Release?!
Genre: Indie, Psychedelic, Post-Punk, Space-Rock

  1. Revolution Fight Song
  2. Forget About The War, Lets Go Shopping!
  3. Devils
  4. Save Us
  5. Let Fission Ring
  6. Spoils For Survivors
  7. Science
  8. Well Fall Down
  9. The Squeeze
  10. Just Relax and Float
  11. Crisis Nerviosa
  12. Dancing Don't Trust

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