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un automne à Lob-Nor - (41°N; 90°E) + s/t

un automne à Lob
Nor - (41°N; 90°E) + s/t

1999/2001 # post rock, electronica, ambient
Is a post-rock band from France, that existed more than ten years ago, still relevant? Probably not at the first sight, but if you are into ambient music and post-rock, then take the chance to discover them. Think about early Mogwai and current Taylo …
Moondawn - Visiones de una Iglesia en Llamas

Visiones de una Iglesia en Llamas

Moondawn is Pedro Lopez, a guitar player from Argentinia, living in Marseille, France. He is opening for Daniel Bachman on September, 18th in Marseille - so you shouldn't miss this, if you are there. Pedro's music is a mixture of fingerst …
Mixtape #37 - Summer´s Bliss

Mixtape #37
Summer´s Bliss

Genre: Lo-Fi Indie Surf Electro Folk Noise Pop I must admit that I haven´t done a mixtape since…perceived ages. So this is finally a new one and a very good one, too, without being conceited ;-) It should not be kind of a "real" summer mixtap …
bidibop - be


Genre: french electronica, dream pop Label: Dying For Bad Music So here is a new release of DFBM. Vincent, the man behind bidibop is one of the people I know since a long time. I released a great experimental mini-release on my former label, wher …
Mixtape #33 - Spring Reverb

Mixtape #33
Spring Reverb

Genre: Lo-Fi Garage Pop Electronica Folk Trash Exotica Ok, Time Of... another mixtape for the starting springtime. Again we pick our latest founds and faves bring them in a nice order with some jumps back and forth in history and changing the mood …
Bidibop - 2008 - Urban Field Muzick

2008 - Urban Field Muzick

Genre: Electronica, Pop, Field Recording Label: fieldmuzick Bidibop is the French musican Vincent Nicolas, together with Sébastien Roux he played in un automne á lob-nor one of my favorite Post-Rock/Ambient groups. After they broke up, Roux ma …
Mixtape #11 - Moth

Mixtape #11

Genre: Psych Folk, Kraut, Electronique, Pop, Lofi Pretty fucked up mix. But I can't help - I like this stuff. At example this Witthüser & Westrupp Song is beautiful, perfect - Prog Folk/Kraut. And these Hippies are the ro …
Mixtape #6 - Electrooo

Mixtape #6

Genre: 8-Bit, Electro Surf, Techno, Psych, Lo-Fi, obscure, a plethora of more or less electro tracks. beside the stuff you can find here or on other blogs there are some rare / unknown tracks. At example a shitty tape rip ( which was an vinyl rip …

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