Full Album Preview and Pre-Order of the New DFBM Releases

I am excited to premiere the new Dying For Bad Music releases over a new side project I started: (beta). It's designed to stream the full album and set a mood with short video loops. You don't need to watch fancy full featured six minutes music video clips to get the artists intention. Get the message or get inspired in just 6 seconds. This is for the Vine Generation! The best experience will be on a desktop computer with any browser beside Internet Explorer. On mobile devices it will work as a image slideshow with sound, since these guys are not able to stream video and sound at the same time.


  1. C. Strøm ~ I Have Heard of a Land
  2. Steve Palmer ~ Unblinking Sun
  3. Important Pre-Order Information
  4. Shareodelic
  5. Unblinking Sun - Release Party in Minneapolis, MN

C. Strøm ~ I Have Heard of a Land

DFBM-21 / C-40 with recycled tour guide maps of North America, limited to 50

C.Ström Cover

Imagine The Carter Family and Daniel Johnston are emigrating to Europe, taking with them only their instruments, their songs, and an old tape recorder. They end up in Northern Norway. That's how you have to imagine C.Strøm's music: American Folk in low-fidelity!  

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​(available from Sept. 3rd to 10th)

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Steve Palmer ~ Unblinking Sun

DFBM-22 / CDr Limited to 70 in hand printed Stumptown folders.

Steve Palmer Cover

The ethos and energy of punk rock first inspired Steve Palmer to pick up a guitar, but it was his discovery of the music of John Fahey in 2012 that renewed and deepened that interest. For his first full-length, he filters krautrock, drone, and psychedelic improvisation through the vernacular of the American fingerpicked folk tradition. Bask in the rays of the Unblinking Sun as summer fades!

Unblinking Sun comes with a bonus track!


Start the Album Preview
​(available from Sept. 3rd to 10th)

​(10% off everything. Discount is shown in the cart)

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Important Pre-Order Information

You will get 12% discount off everything during the next days when you place your order over the Dying For Bad Music website - the discount will show up in the cart! You can pay via payPal!

You will get 10% discount and the digital download right on the release day, when you order over the Dying For Bad Music bandcamp site - to apply the discount use the coupon code sun at the check-out. It's just to compensate the bandcamp and the paypal fees.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line!


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Here is a tumblr page with GIF animations extracted from the video loops... Transmedia is the future. I know what I am talking about.

Steve Palmer "Unblinking Sun" Album Release Party, Sept. 11th in Minneapolis, MN

with Kyle Fosburgh, Matt Helgeson, & Matt Sowell