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2muchachos - forest is not what it seems

forest is not what it seems

2muchachos from Russia is a very prolific trio, producing wonderful organic ambient music. They developed some kind of trademark sound of light, clicking glitches that falls on you like rain, harmonium soundscapes like a warm summer wind and a reverb …
2muchachos - BEKO ♥ 95

BEKO ♥ 95

Genre: ambient, folktronica Label: BEKO-DSL 2muchachos from Russia send us to each season an adequate soundtrack. So here, for the last summer days, two tracks on the prolific French BEKO label. As always, light and warm coloured ambient texture …
2muchachos - teplaja EP

teplaja EP

Genre: ambient, folktronica Label: self In the past, 2muchachos enlighted us with some pretty impressive releases. And now I am hearing their new EP, with windows wide open, on a beautiful summer morning and again, it fits perfectly. Their warm h …
2muchachos - 2010 - Formanta

2010 - Formanta

Genre: Folktronica, Electronic, Ambient Label: Parallax If you like well crafted organic electronica 2muchachos from russia seem to be a good companion this year. They appear in the springtime with their wonderful Prespring EP, sent a nice summe …
2muchachos - 2010 - summer vacation ep

2010 - summer vacation ep

Genre: Electronica, Pop Label: selfrelease This new ep by the 2muchachos (and one muchacha) from russia, is like a postcard from a friend sent from summer vacation. On the frontside a bleached print of the place they stay and on the backside som …
2muchachos - 2010 - prespring ep

2010 - prespring ep

Genre: folktronica, electronica, folk Label: selfrelease / Parallax This is so loveley, so warm like the first sunbeams before spring is coming. It's intimate and organic like a walk through the fields and coming home. Fat synthesizer are the sunbea …

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