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imagho - 2003 - nocturnes

2003 - nocturnes

Genre: Laptop Folk It's hard to describe - this is a kind of soundtrack music. Beautiful guitar playing, field recordings, electronic treatment. Bienvenue is a wonderful guitar miniature.I would compare Imagho to Tortoise but as a one man acoustic pr …
Dronaement - A Collection of Songs About Norway

A Collection of Songs About Norway

Genre: drone, post-rock, ambient, Psychedelic, Freeform Label: private release Similar Artists: Sigur Rós, Station 17, Rare release by this german drone outfit. This time with more "song" oriented work. Some treated guitartunes, loops and organ …
Ribbon Effect - 2000 - Slip

Ribbon Effect
2000 - Slip

Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Post-Rock Label: Roomtone Records A wonderful record for sunday mornings. Some noisy soundscapes, lovely tunes, improvisations, organs, delayed guitars, happy drumboxing - all the stuff to make you feel good. Best …

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