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dfbm #93 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VI

dfbm #93
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VI

It's been a while since the last Songs of Wild Nothing mix. I am a bit behind with the music stuff, but I've found a lot of weird old and new music over the last months, so it was easy to compile 33 tracks to a two hour mix. Hopefully you have the ne …
dfbm #94 - Morning Raga Pt. XIV

dfbm #94
Morning Raga Pt. XIV

After a bit of silence, I'm back with the Morning Ragas series. Two hours of acoustic (and occasionally electric) solo guitar music mostly in the realm of so-called American Primitivism. You might be tired of hearing the n-th derivate of Sunflower Ri …
dfbm #92- Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XIII

dfbm #92
Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XIII

Welcome back to another two hour mix of all strings considered. Again I was able to unearth recordings that have been rarely heard before. Old private press releases, inspired by the wonderful collection on Tompkins Square Records Imaginational Anthe …
dfbm #91 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. V

dfbm #91
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. V

A new edition of my mix(tape) series “Songs of Wild Nothing”. Two hours of vernacular electronica, psych folk, fake world music and desert blues. Initially I planned this to be a pure drone, ambient mix, but I fell asleep while compiling …
dfbm #90 - Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XII

dfbm #90
Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XII

This new edition of Morning Raga is standing in the shadow of some really exciting releases that are coming up on the horizon. Let’s walk torwards them: (Go South for tracklist and download) Large chunks of Jack Rose’s back catalogue wi …
dfbm #89 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. IV

dfbm #89
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. IV

The fascination with private press records from the 60s, 70s and 80s is still strong. So again, on this mix is a lot of real peoples music, christian bedroom folk and other home made psych. Beside the dusty old stuff that record collector would play …
dfbm #88 - Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XI

dfbm #88
Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XI

And welcome to a new Morning Raga edition. Two hours of solo acoustic guitar music, often referred to as American Primitive, like John Fahey called it. It still amazes me that Fahey influenced generations of musicians till today. And it's not onl …
dfbm #87 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. III

dfbm #87
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. III

Songs of Wild Nothing is the series for all the weird and wonderful, old and new tunes I come across. Be it old-timey gospel or hillbilly tunes, bedroom pop, psych rock - I'll find a way to stitch them together. It's starts with an short accapel …
dfbm #86 - Morning Raga Pt. X

dfbm #86
Morning Raga Pt. X

Before I hit the pause button for some summer holidays, I want to leave this new Morning Raga Mix here. As always, it's a fine blend of old and new solo guitar music. Traditional tunes, contemporary pieces, more acoustic than electronic …

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