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Mixtape #10 - Your Ghost

Mixtape #10
Your Ghost

Genre: Psych Folk, Folk If you like John Fahey you may like this compilation, some Fahey-like fingerstyle guitar stuff, some so called freak folk stuff. Check it out on the right sidebar and maybe you will like it. Enjoy. …
Mixtape #8 - The World Spins

Mixtape #8
The World Spins

Genre: Folk, Post Punk, Psych, Electro, Pop, Lo-Fi Seems to be a Twin Peaks related mixtape - but no, not really, beside the cover and the wonderful Julee Cruise song from the scene where the Laura Palmer murder was unveiled, it has nothing to do wit …
Mixtape #7 Autumn Leaves

Mixtape #7 Autumn Leaves

Genre: Folk Collection of my favorite founds of the last months.Mostly folky lo-fi stuff. Sorry for the lack of posts - working on that label thing etc. TracklistingHomer Sparks - Seed (in Your Mouth)Liam the Younger - This Land pt. 2Jason The Swamp …
Mixtape #6 - Electrooo

Mixtape #6

Genre: 8-Bit, Electro Surf, Techno, Psych, Lo-Fi, obscure, a plethora of more or less electro tracks. beside the stuff you can find here or on other blogs there are some rare / unknown tracks. At example a shitty tape rip ( which was an vinyl rip …
Mixtape #5 - More Saturation

Mixtape #5
More Saturation

Genre: Lofi, Punk, Garage, Noise, so called Shitgaze This is mostly noisy, distorted garage punk stuff. The sounds you can find everywhere, right now. Not every fart from every bedroom or garage smells like teen spirit (haha what a shitty joke), but …
Mixtape #3 - When The May Rain Comes

Mixtape #3
When The May Rain Comes

Genre: Psych Folk, Acoustic The last days of may. This month always sucks personally. Bad season for broken hearts or too much work or any other bad things - because it would be nicer too feel the bloom. But everything will pass, and there is music h …
Mixtape #2 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Mixtape #2
While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Genre:Psych Folk, LoFi, Acoustic Next round of my selection of bad music. This time more acoustic stuff. Hopefully you will find something new and I am sure you will ;-).At this point I've got a request. If someone can provide more by Leopards Meat a …
Mixtape #1 - Ace Tone is in!

Mixtape #1
Ace Tone is in!

Genre: LoFi, Garage, Exotica So here is it, the first part of a loose mixtape serie for download. Thanks to, uhm the musicans and all musiclovers and Ace Tone is in! Some rare and lesser known tracks between some newer stuff. TracklistingHot Lava - [ …

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