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Gowns - Red State

Red State

Genre: Shoegaze, Noise-Folk, Indie Label: Cardboard Records Red State, though, is an album with a particular sound, like the sun-bleached Polaroids of one’s family, documenting personal exercises in communal cultural contexts. Melodies lie obscured …
The Punks - Thank You for the Alternative Rock

The Punks
Thank You for the Alternative Rock

2005 # indie, noise, freeform
Genre: Freeform Noise Rock with less Rock, Improvisation Label: 5 rue cristine (US) Similar Artists: Gang Gang Dance, maybe This record got everywhere bad reviews, so this seems really bad music to die for. But give them a try. I can't remember any …
Köhn - (Köhn)²


This CD starts with an obscure and melancholic sounding tune/loop of a South german Brass band and turns fastly in a digital noisy drone. The next track is a clicking scribble of a pop song and so it goes on with digital mush, glitches, melodies, ski …

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