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Alex Archibald -  Accidental Waltzes

Alex Archibald
Accidental Waltzes

Short solo guitar miniatures by Alex Archibald from Vancouver, BC. A short detour into experimental areas with Drunken Transition and into banjo land with Make Horse. The obligatory and very nice slide/lap steel piece comes in earthy lofi fashio …
Andy McLeod - From the Attic

Andy McLeod
From the Attic

This is the first EP of fingerstyle guitarist Andy McLeod from Philadelphia, PA. Inspired by Jack Rose, Pelt, Fahey, Delta Blues and rural Chester County, McLeod taught himself how to finger pick the guitar in open tunings and play the banjo in c …
Scott William Urquhart - Rosie's Smile EP

Scott William Urquhart
Rosie's Smile EP

Back to guitar business. Scottish guitarist Scott William Urquhart sent me his EP of lovely original solo guitar pieces. It starts pretty strong with a playful, uplifting tune, the title track, that alternates with a nice droning part. The second so …
dfbm #68 - Morning Raga Pt. II

dfbm #68
Morning Raga Pt. II

Vernacular Synth'n'Strings. Here is the second installment of Morning Ragas, which are no real ragas in music theoretical and in Hindu sense. Raga is used here as an adjective of style rather than the definitive suchness of …
Sarah Louise – Interview

Sarah Louise – Interview

​Some months ago I stumbled upon Sarah Louise's bandcamp and found her guitar work on "Field Guide" quite excellent. It was like a direct translation of the region she comes from. Shortly after that I found out that these tracks were …
dfbm #67 - Morning Raga Pt. I

dfbm #67
Morning Raga Pt. I

Syncopation, Oscillation, Resonation, Modulation, Meditation. Finally a new two hours program of solo guitar and solo synthesizer and bird songs. It's been a while that I made a "mixtape". So much great music came out lately and so mu …
Jerry Hionis - Songs From The Bahr Bela Ma

Jerry Hionis
Songs From The Bahr Bela Ma

Since I started this years postings with somehow releated musical concepts I will continue and connect the new Jerry Hionis album to the previous posted Rag Lore Demos Blue For al​-​Watawit of Yashkur. Jerry's connection to the arab world is …
Rag Lore - Blue For al​-​Watawit of Yashkur

Rag Lore
Blue For al​-​Watawit of Yashkur

Not unlike the previous post of Samuel Gray Edmonson's Suite this is also a long piece divided in three parts. Due to his personal connection to North Africa and specially Egypt, Matthew R. Boteilho aka Rag Lore embeds his guitar improvisations i …
Samuel Gray Edmondson - Suite

Samuel Gray Edmondson

A lovely 4 track EP by a, to me unknown guitar player from the US East Coast. This is basically a 12 minute composition, divided into four pieces. Wonderful picking style similar to James Blackshaw. So it's less the country blues picking and more …

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