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Lukas Read – Ramble Man, Ramble

Lukas Read – Ramble Man, Ramble

Here are some saturday morning country tunes. How did I end up listening to country music? I have no idea! But it's not the country music that comes out the Rural King loudspeakers or howsoever. Lukas Read was already on one of the last DFBM …
The Great Park – We Love To Get Lost And We Love To Get Found

The Great Park – We Love To Get Lost And We Love To Get Found

If you are living in Germany or around, chances are good that Stephen Burch aka the Great Park was already in your town and played his „Problem Folk“. I saw announcements every now and then around the southeast of Germany, but I neve …
Devin McCutchen – West Coast

Devin McCutchen – West Coast

Another fellow dedicated to american folk music. There is not so much information about him. He was playing in the indie folk group Band Practice/Party, but that's all I've found out. I think he's interested in history and studied that - …
Moses Nesh – Ain't No Milk Man

Moses Nesh – Ain't No Milk Man

Old-Time Blues by Young-Blood Folks... I am still amazed by the fact that young people in the US are still playing the music of their grandparents. I don't know a single person under age 30 who is playing songs by Anton Günther if t …
Mixtape #57 – Small Town Raga

Mixtape #57 – Small Town Raga

Welcome to a new 2 hours program of psychedelic late-night folk, americana related music. New gatherings and old/odd findings stacked to a playlist for your listening pleasure. Leave a comment if the mix is down or if you have any question or to …
Victor Florence - I'm so happy you found me

Victor Florence
I'm so happy you found me

If you follow this blog you perhaps followed Tampa, FL based Victor Florence, too. Good for you, because most of his recordings (e.g. the seasons series) disappeared from his bandcamp page. But since "The Victor Florence Experience is like extra …
Hayden Pedigo - Seven Years Late

Hayden Pedigo
Seven Years Late

Why is a 19 years old seven years late? The fine tape label Marmara Records (which released this Daniel Bachman tape some month ago) just released the debut of this young guitar player from Amarillo, TX. Seven Years Late is an entertaining co …
Steven John Hopkins - s/t

Steven John Hopkins

American Primitive and no end. This guy from the UK is exploring the class rooms of Takoma School and presents a variety of steel string guitar compositions. Six- and twelve-string solo guitar, electrified and accompanied by other instruments or …
Generifus - The World

The World

2013 # lofi, folk, bedroom pop
Spencer Sult aka Generifus is a young member of the KRecs Family based in Olympia, WA. Also connected to a guy who recorded several records under the moniker The Microphones. On The World, Generifus is just a plain wooden guitar, his voice and hi …

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