The 63 Crayons - Spoils For Survivors

The 63 Crayons
Spoils For Survivors

In former days The 63 Crayons playing some kind of sixties influenced Indie-Pop, always with some spacey synth swirls. With their last album they add a The in front of their name and go into a more darker, danceable, more psychoactive direction. Revo …
Meneguar - Bury a Flower 7"

Bury a Flower 7"

2006 # lo-fi, indie, punk
Genre: Indie Rock, LoFi Label: troubleman unlimited (US) The half of Meneguar are the wonderful Woods. But it's different. Cool Indie Rock, Punk, loFi, however you will label this.I love this 7" because it contains a different and much rawer version …
Prewar Yardsale  - Lowdown

Prewar Yardsale

Genre: Anti Folk Label: Oliver Juice Music (US) Similar Artists: Moldy Preaches Anti-Folk by played by a couple from NYC. Just Guitar and a Bucket as drums. Starting with the 14 minutes "Elevated Platform Stand" mantra. Go here and grab the …
The Black And White Years - Real! In Color"  + Demos

The Black And White Years
Real! In Color" + Demos

2006 # indie, dance
Genre: Indie Pop, 80ties Wave, Dance Label: Self Release, MySpace, DemosSimilar Artists: of Montreal, Talking Heads The Black and White Years are an Indie Pop outfit from Austin, TX. As far as I know, this is a melting pot for good music. I found the …
Kallabris - A Smile For Brandon, Tape  + Considération Sur / Sous Le Café, 7" (2001)

A Smile For Brandon, Tape + Considération Sur / Sous Le Café, 7" (2001)

Genre: Freak Folk, Home Recording, Ambient, Drone Label: Jazztone (GER), Genesungswerk (GER) Similar Artists: Cranioclast In general, Kallabris is a german post-industrial, ambient, drone project, related to the much more obscure Cranioclast colle …
Tacks, The Boy Disaster - Oh, Beatrice

Tacks, The Boy Disaster
Oh, Beatrice

2006 # indie pop
Genre: Indie Pop Label: Ark Recordings (UK) Similar Artists: Grizzly Bear Austin, Texas Indie pop outift with a member of The Polyphonic Spree. Really good arranged songs. Unfortunatly there are no new recordings till now. Hope there will come m …
Meric Long - Dodo Bird

Meric Long
Dodo Bird

Genre: Indie Pop, Folk, Acoustic Label: Not on Label Debutalbum by Meric Long, better known as The Dodos. This EP has all the elements of later The Dodos records. Meric Longs wonderful voice and guitar playing, some background keyboardsounds and …
Gowns - Red State

Red State

Genre: Shoegaze, Noise-Folk, Indie Label: Cardboard Records Red State, though, is an album with a particular sound, like the sun-bleached Polaroids of one’s family, documenting personal exercises in communal cultural contexts. Melodies lie obscured …
Oral Constitution - Bibelpreik

Oral Constitution

Genre: Neo Folk, Avantgarde, Freak Folk Label: Artware Production (GER) Similar Artists: Current 93 Seriously though, I am concerned about this and I'm particularly concerned about the little girls who you see on the cover of this Oral Constitutio …

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