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Hayden Pedigo - Seven Years Late

Hayden Pedigo
Seven Years Late

Why is a 19 years old seven years late? The fine tape label Marmara Records (which released this Daniel Bachman tape some month ago) just released the debut of this young guitar player from Amarillo, TX. Seven Years Late is an entertaining co …
Steven John Hopkins - s/t

Steven John Hopkins

American Primitive and no end. This guy from the UK is exploring the class rooms of Takoma School and presents a variety of steel string guitar compositions. Six- and twelve-string solo guitar, electrified and accompanied by other instruments or …
Generifus - The World

The World

2013 # lofi, folk, bedroom pop
Spencer Sult aka Generifus is a young member of the KRecs Family based in Olympia, WA. Also connected to a guy who recorded several records under the moniker The Microphones. On The World, Generifus is just a plain wooden guitar, his voice and hi …
The Matchsellers - Claypool Dog Race EP

The Matchsellers
Claypool Dog Race EP

2013 # americana, folk
American emigrants folk music played on East German rooftops. I got a nice email with music from an american folk duo, living in Leipzig and this is just 1,5 hours far south from where I operate this killer blog and label, which apparently turned …
Mixtape #56 - Pre-Spring Blues

Mixtape #56
Pre-Spring Blues

The ghost of this long winter is still present, but it's fading. Quite right for the Walpurgis-Night on April, 30th. So here is two hours program of american primitivsm, old school, new school, no school steelstring guitar picking and sliding an …
Luke Hirst - Farewell Adventures

Luke Hirst
Farewell Adventures

A young music student and multi instrumentalist from the British Islands is dreaming of America. Luke's debut album from 2009, Surfing over the Sun (as a free download on bandcamp) and Farewell Adventures are worlds apart. While the first one …
Jerry Hionis - Graveyard Stomps & Funeral Rags

Jerry Hionis
Graveyard Stomps & Funeral Rags

I imagine Jerry Hionis is a guy with a shelf full of noise and grindcore records right next to Dr. Ragtime & Pals and similar folks. The imagery of Graveyard Stomps & Funeral Rags speaks for itself. It's the vernacular horror, the mem …
Sean Proper - Canal Machinery

Sean Proper
Canal Machinery

Dark 12 and 6 string guitar tunes from "The Sunshine State" Florida. This is a very promising recording by a young guy from Sarasota, FL playing fingerstyle steelstring guitar in the New School way. I have no idea if there is something …
German Error Message - The Lifting

German Error Message
The Lifting

You miss the old The Microphones and Mount Eerie is too Heavy Metal for you? The Lifting by German Error Message is here to save you! I don't want to put Paul Kitzing's musical creation into a drawer with just comparing him to Phil Elveru …

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