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Sam Moss - Interview

Sam Moss

Sam Moss is one of the new young guitarplayers who HAS been featured here a lot. He recently curated the awesome Imaginational Anthem Compilation and is on tour as part of the Howling Kettles String-Duo and release as a solo artist too. Time to ask s …
Motorama - Calendar


2012 # post-punk
From the fields of American Primitive music I need to take a short trip to Russia for one of the favorite bands of the DFBM staff. Motorama is maybe the most popular* band from Russia to date. One may criticize them for their obvious Joy Div …
Mixtape #49 - Play For The Spring

Mixtape #49
Play For The Spring

Here we are with a new mixtape, centered around the so called American Primitve Guitar style. This is an extremly bisased collection, based on my personal taste and contains well known stuff, some unknown guitarists and lacks of a lot guitarists whic …
Daniel Bachman - Seven Pines

Daniel Bachman
Seven Pines

While Daniel Bachman is rambling through the Old Europe (down to the Bosporus this weekend) everything is set up to launch his 8th full length album, Seven Pines. He signed to Tompkins Square Records and he is in good company there. I mean, Frank Fai …
Moondawn - Visiones de una Iglesia en Llamas

Visiones de una Iglesia en Llamas

Moondawn is Pedro Lopez, a guitar player from Argentinia, living in Marseille, France. He is opening for Daniel Bachman on September, 18th in Marseille - so you shouldn't miss this, if you are there. Pedro's music is a mixture of fingerst …
Lac La Belle - s/t

Lac La Belle

I stumbled upon this country/old time folk goodie while searching for Nick Schillace's music. He is an amazinge fingerstyle guitar player (Fahey & Co, I know comparing every versatile steelstring picker to Fahey is a bit lame, but you'll …
Gardner/Sheppard Duo - Colonial Park

Gardner/Sheppard Duo
Colonial Park

So, it seems that this month will be the "american primitive" appreciation post-month. Here is another fingerstyle guitar album by a duo from New York. 12-string guitar and electric guitar teamed up to please you. Sometimes it gets …
Mariano Rodriguez - El Vuelo Dej Chon Chon

Mariano Rodriguez
El Vuelo Dej Chon Chon

And the next fingerpicking wizard - this time from Argentinia. Mariano Rodriguez presents the full range from pure drones to great versatile fingerpicking from ragas to folk tunes. Enriched with unobtrusive electronic effects. And if you still not co …
Joseba B. Lenoir - Instroak Vol. 1

Joseba B. Lenoir
Instroak Vol. 1

So here is some american inspired guitar music from Spain. Pretty exciting album with different styles and moods. Sometimes sparse acoustic tracks on guitar or banjo then cinematic western themes, slide guitar, blues and all the shit. Very enjoya …

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